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Starbucks LIVE!

Here at Yamaha we love MUSIC and we love COFFEE!

Our Yamaha Students had so much fun this Sunday performing at our local Starbucks on Alma School & Elliot Rd. This night was one in a series of performances called "Starbucks Live Sessions". It is a small way that Yamaha provides performance opportunities that enhance our community and increase our student's confidence. It is also the best excuse to spend time with our amazing barista friends; Yamaha families and staff have frequented this Starbucks for decades.

Students work hard in their piano lessons to perfect pieces, learn holiday favorites, and prepare for competitions. We are very proud of our students who performed on Sunday:

Anjani Rege, Varin Hoskoti, Hannah Fan, Victoria Xing, Tony Liu, Jayden Liu, Gwyneth Sovereign, Michelle Yu, April Nguyen, Daphne Riordan, Taryn Preis, Shreya Deshpande, McKenzie Maret, Thanvi Voruganti, Sumedh Sangam, Medha Trivedi, Mytreyi Trivedi, Alyssa Ford, Yiwen Chen, Iris Li, Jay Nergard, Lukas Fleckenstein, Luke Hoang, and piano instructor Kara Lee.

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